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Why E6?

  • Inspiring talks by renowned catholic speakers

  • Mass and adoration  of the Blessed Sacrament (confession available throughout the day)

  • Free book and rosary

  • Lunch, coffee & refreshments

  • Free close parking and comfortable seating

E6 Promotional Videos


  1. As a father, it is a great opportunity to take my Catholic son to an event that says, “This is important to me and I want to share it with you!”

  2. As a young adult, it is a great opportunity to take my father, even if he has fallen away from the faith, and share the day with him.

  3. It is always a great opportunity when any group of Catholics can get together as a “Community of Saints” and share songs and scripture together.

  4. Several of the speakers will have some great resources at discounted prices. These are resources I can take home and listen to in the privacy of my home and/or share with my family.

  5. At this conference, I will have the opportunity to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is always awesome to be forgiven by God of my past sins.

  6. It is always good to make time for what is important in my life. Next to my relationship with the Lord, there is nothing more important than being the best husband, father and leader of my family.

  7. My marriage is important to me.  A better understanding of how to “Put on the Armor of God” to fight daily temptation will help my marriage.

  8. As a grandfather, I want to be a positive influence on my grandchildren. I want them to know their Grandpa as a strong Catholic Christian whom they love and respect. This conference can help me.

  9. Any opportunity to deepen my relationship with God is good enough for me. My life here is short; eternity is forever!

  10. If I believe that my relationship with God is #1 in my life, my family is 2nd, and everything else is 3rd, then I will be at the conference.

  11. I should attend because my spouse said it sounds like a great event!

  12. I should attend because my parish priest said it sounds like a great event!

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